In Memoriam,

Miss T. St Clair Pears (Traqdean) 30 October 2011

Tracy, was a very special lady. We got to know her in 2009 when we were looking for our first Lancashire Heeler. She had her heart in the right place and outspoken in an honest but unmistaken way.

Our first Lancashire Heeler we got from Tracy was born on 12 June 2009 and called Dotty. Soon after followed by our second Heeler Blossom. Beside 2 Heelers we also found a good friend who was always there to advise us. She introduced us to her friends when we started to come over to visit dog shows with our Heelers. She was always very proud of Dotty and Blossoms show results. Of course she always considered them as her Heelers.

Besides being there for her own animals, Tracy also cared for any animal in need. She took in rescue dogs and made sure they found a good home. In 2011 she started the Lancashire Heeler Association. She took up the role of president and worked hard to promote her motto: " An association which puts the welfare of the Lancashire Heeler first". The association has applied for recognition at the kennel club but unfortunally she will not be here to witness the outcome.

Tracy did not have it easy in the last few months.She not only had to deal with her ilness but also find  good homes for all her animals. The goodbyes must have weighed heavy on her mind but she did it. All the animals found good homes and everything went as Tracy wanted. Ofcourse she could not do it all alone. Her friends Dawn, Jacky, Sarah and Hilary were there for her through thick and thin.

Tracy left us way too soon but we will always remember her and she lives on in our hearts and of course in her Traqdean Lancashire Heelers.




Clogmills Take A Chance On Me, NJK, BJK 

Born on King's Day 27-04-2016,

Died in a fatal accident in 2018.




Traqdean De from Blossom NJK NK