The Lancashire Heeler is a healthy breed


However, there are two hereditary eye defects that occur within this breed.


The most common deviations are,


PLL Primare Lens Luxation


This is an eye disorder that has to do with the lens of the eye and is very bad and the dog will become blind in the foreseeable future.


The eye abnormality can appear from the age of 3 years.

On October 22, 2009 a gene was discovered in England that causes this abnormality.


A DNA test has also been developed to determine whether the dog has this gene. Through DNA research it is now possible to determine whether the dog is a carrier of an abnormal gene that allows PLL to develop


 Collie Eye Anomaly


This is an abnormality that occurs less often but is hereditary.


A DNA test has been developed to determine whether the dog has this gene.


Please note never buy a puppy of which both parent dogs have not been tested and make sure that the puppy is also tested.


This happens at the age of 6 weeks.


It is best to breed with two free parents but, given the genetic population, breeding is also done with a free parent and a carrier, but from this combination it is not possible to say in advance that all puppies are free.


This will have to be investigated by DNA research.



For detailed information about these two eye disorders click on Pll or Collie eye Anomaly on this page.

Patellar Luxation.


This is when the knee disk shoots spontaneously from the V-shaped notch of the knee. This can be diagnosed at the age of 18 months