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First place kennelcompetition 2023 the Netherlands!

Welcome to the Lancashire Heeler Kennel Clogmills website

I'm Astrid and I live in beautiful and cozy Brabant. I set up my kennel Clogmills together with my partner Jean Paul. He passed away in early 2022. After our last Jack Russell Terrier passed away, we started looking for another breed. In 2009 we found this in the Lancashire Heeler. Lancashire Heeler.


Our first Lancashire Heeler comes from England. Traqdean De Dotty Goes Dutch, called Dotty.


On September 25, 2010 we picked up a second Heeler in England.
It is a half-sister of Dotty! Her name is Traqdean Dee Van Blossom, nickname Blossom.


In November 2011, due to circumstances, we acquired three more Lancashire Heelers. They are two females and a male. The females are called Traqdean D'Unice and Traqdean O'Yeti. The male is called Bellsmond Dancing Shadow in Traqdean. Unice now lives with a good friend and Yeti with a good friend of ours. Both dogs are not bred. The male, called Jackson, has stayed with us.

We have now bred a number of litters of which we have kept two females. Born April 4, 2013 to Blossom, Clogmills Mrs. Pawkins, nicknamed Ziva. She gave birth to a litter on October 1, 2018, of which we kept Clogmills Bellatrix Van Detta, called Haley.

Begin 2018 hebben wij weer een teefje aangekocht uit Engeland. Parabar Panto Primadonna, called Millie.

In the spring of 2020 we bought our last female from England. Parabar Peony, called Fudge.

With Fudge I bred a litter in the summer of 2022 from which I kept Clogmills Wispa Gold . I call her Wispa.

All information about the dogs I have, now can be found here: MY DOGS

Besides breeding, I really enjoy participating in dog shows. I regularly organize pleasant walks in the woods or on the beach. I also own a rabbit race track that is often used after the walk. For more information, please visit my facebook site: Lancashire vrienden Nederland.

I'll keep you up to date,

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